Regala este curso por 24,99€ usando el cupón: mamatijeras

Regala este curso por 24,99€ usando el cupón: mamatijeras

#Monthly Summary – April 2014

It’s time for my first  monthly summary report for this blog.

This month I was happy about winning different prizes (Padres en Pañales’s raffle , Maternidad Continium made mention of  “the good life” post)

This month I was sad about my princess health.

New books I read were 

The girl in the converse shoes

La principessa di ghiaccio

Tv shows I watched were


Once upon a time

Once upon a time in Wonderland

Tiempo entre Costuras


My favorite song this month was

The power of Love

My favorite pic was fresh orange juice

A lesson I learned this month was I need to follow my intuition and listen to myself in meditation instead of thinking and over-analyzing to the point of exhaustion.

I made cupcakes

I sewed a new dress for my little baby

Diy projects were a bracelet, a stamp,..

I gained the liebester award.

I started following : Gololo &Toin

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